SCS Reporter: June meeting at Saugus Iron Works and Route 1 Grille House with guest speaker

The next SCS meeting will start at the Saugus Iron Works at 6:00 PM, on Thursday, June 22.  Society members will be provided with a short private tour of the site by a National Parks Service Ranger.  After the tour, the meeting itself will commence at 7:00 PM at the Route 1 Grille House (817 Broadway, Saugus MA) approx. 7 minutes away.  For more restaurant info.

The guest speaker for this meeting will be Trevor Wiley, Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of History at Boston College, where he studies landscape, frontiers, mobility and community-building in fifth-to-eighth-century northern Britain. Originally from Appalachian Kentucky, Trevor received his BA from the University of Kentucky before moving to Scotland for an M.Litt. in Mediaeval Studies from the University of St Andrews. While in St Andrews he developed a deep interest in medieval Scotland, which has remained the central focus of his research, as he writes a dissertation centered on the Firths of Forth and Clyde and the Solway Firth in the early medieval era. His research involves the ancient and medieval archaeology of Britain and Ireland, and he has taken part in digs in Ireland as part of his training. Trevor has a particular interest in how settlements, carved stones, ancient ruined structures and grave sites formed a meaningful landscape for people living along these early medieval bodies of water.