Our Three New Members: June, 2019

On Thursday, June 27th 2019 the Scots’ Charitable Society welcomed three new members; Kirk Brunson, Karen Mahoney and Peggy Wynne. Below we have blog passages from Kirk and Karen explaining what SCS means to them.

Kirk Brunson: 

Scottish arts and heritage is a longstanding aspect of my family. From a young age I visited my grandfather, William Buchanan, and listened to bagpipe music with him. Shortly thereafter I began bagpipe lessons and since have taught and performed throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland and Scotland. Celtic music has been a focus of mine for a number of years, and I look forward to contributing to the Society’s purpose of advancing Scottish and Celtic heritage.

Kirk Brunson and Peggy Wynne

Karen Mahoney: 

Why did I seek to join SCS? 

In May of 1993, I said goodbye to the town of my birth, Kearny, NJ, and it’s three fish n’ chip shops, two Scottish butchers, two pipe bands, my Scottish Highland Dancing teacher of 19 years, and my employer at The Piper’s Cove and I moved to Boston. I knew my new city would enrich me in many ways, and it certainly has, but as I had intended, I started teaching Scottish Highland dance out of my Roslindale, MA apartment soon after settling here. I didn’t know then, that what I was doing was creating my own cultural outlet. Before long, I had students competing at Games and Festivals near and far. Over the past 25+ years of teaching dance, I’ve met so many people who have influenced and shaped me, including our current SCS President, Alan McCall and SCS member, Dennis Napier. When a fellow dancer asked me recently “why did you join SCS”, it was an easy answer: I’m a do-er and a giver, as are both of these wonderful men. I am not a passive participant in anything I do, and the idea of simply donating monetarily to the good works and mission of the SCS did not appeal to me. I had to do something, and actively participate. So, here I am, giving and doing, and living up to my high school honor of “Most Helpful”. 

Kirk Brunson and Karen Mahoney